MSNBC Calls New Hillary Ad “Too Terrible” to Describe in English

Hillary Clinton has released a new advertisement which shamelessly uses children to promote her for the sole reason that she is a woman. The ad, called “44 Boys is Too Many,” has not be well received.

Free Beacon describes the cold reception MSNBC’s Morning Joe gave the ad:

“It’s really […] too terrible to describe in the English language,” said former John McCain adviser Steve Schmidt.

Host Joe Scarborough asked Schmidt if his problem was with the kids, to which Schmidt responded that his problem was not with the kids, but with the kids being used by a “cynical politician.”

“I love little kids. I hate little kids being used by cynical politicians,” he said.

“It’s cute and all,” Brzezinski said in an attempt to lessen the criticism.

“No, it’s not,” Schmidt said. Scarborough agreed.

“There’s a table in a campaign headquarters with people sitting around it, watching it on TV saying, ‘Well, that’s really good, let’s put it out,’” Schmidt said.

“I’ve always thought that about her campaign,” Brzezinski said.

Scarborough underscored the artificial nature of the ad.

“That reminds me of the politicians that will actually hire children. They don’t have children, don’t have a family,” he said


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