Meet X Tribune’s Hot NEW Journalist Sierra Marlee!

X Tribune is proud to introduce our newest journalist, radio show host and conservative writer Sierra Marlee!

PIC_0470She attended her first TEA party rally at 13 with the company of her parents, who were both very politically aware. They encouraged her to educate herself on the issues and create her own opinions based on the facts, away from the media noise. She says “…since the age of 15, I’ve considered myself a classical liberal/libertarian. So I call myself a conservatarian.”


She writes for several conservative blogs/websites, including Right Wing News, Wayne Dupree, and Liberty Cannon Media Group. And when she’s not spreading the truth in print, she’s doing it via the radio on her shows, Patriot Politics and The BLAST.

Sierra is only 20-years-old, but don’t let her age fool you, this sassy millennial is as smart as she is snarky. She has an opinion on everything from foreign policy to religion and she’ll let you know EXACTLY what she’s thinking.

“I have a big mouth and no filter,” she says, chuckling. “I couldn’t do political correctness if I tried. It doesn’t work for me. If I have a thought, good or bad – doesn’t matter, it just comes out of my mouth.”


And her message is resonating with people. Her brash, honest style of speaking has amassed her thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter.

“I don’t consider them ‘fans’ actually,” she said. “They’re friends, and people to share my opinions and information with. I love bouncing things off of them and getting a bunch of different perspectives.”

We’re excited to have Sierra joining us here at X Tribune, and look forward to the fantastic work we know she can produce!

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