MASSIVE Crowd Gathers to Watch ISIS Punish a Gay Man in a HORRIFIC Way…

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It always amazes me how liberals are quick to attack  Christian business owners for not wanting to participate in a gay wedding, but they just look the other way when Muslims are killing gay people in mass numbers.

A massive crowd formed in Nineveh Province where the Islamists have murdered several gay men. They reportedly hold their victims upside down at the top of buildings to grab attention, then they let go.  I won’t show the video because it is too graphic, but here are some pictures from the event.

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Translation: Media Office for # and Aah_ninoy
Establish the limit on the reaction of the workers of sodomites

Groups of ISIS militants have reportedly begun luring gay men into private locations with the promise of dates, only to confront the men and murder them for being homosexual. In the past, ISIS has made a point of targeting gay people though it was unclear whether or not the accusations of homosexuality were legitimate or merely an excuse to eliminate dissenting voices. These impromptu sting operations typically result in the immediate execution of gay men by means of being thrown from roofs. According to the Daily Mail, those captured by ISIS under the pretense of meeting up for same-sex dates are sometimes given a chance at freedom in exchange for hefty ransoms. That was not the case for this victim.

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