Many Christians APPAULED Over What Vatican Just Announced Concerning Palestine

In a move making many Catholics scratch their heads worldwide, the Vatican has come out Wednesday announcing their intentions to sign a treaty to recognize the “state of Palestine.”

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This gesture lends significant symbolic weight to the group of people who have vowed to wipe Israel off the map, puzzling many in the Christian community, and sucker punching Israel right in the gut.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry spoke of the Vatican’s decision, saying that the recognition would  “not advance the peace process.”

“Even this philo-Semitic pope, this pope who cares about the Jews, even he doesn’t get it,” said David Horovitz, editor of The Times of Israel news site stated. “Every time something like this happens, there’s this sense of anguish. Why don’t you understand? We want to separate from the Palestinians, but on terms that don’t threaten our security.”

Many took to social media to express their outrage over the decision, calling it a betrayal to the country of Israel.

What do you think? Do you agree with the Vatican’s decision?

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