Manhunt Underway After What This Douche Did While On Blind Date

A woman in Lawton, Oklahoma is desperate for answers as news from a heartless act of cowardice has been brought to light.

Chess Salazar received the unimaginable news that her sister was left for dead after a near-fatal car crash that occurred late Friday night.


Angel Salazar

Angel Salazar had last been seen at The Zoo, a local bar located at the edge of town, on a blind date with a man named Dalon Pointer. Shortly after the couple left the bar, Pointer and Salazar got into his truck and headed down a rural country back-road, where he lost control of his vehicle and wrapped the truck around the trunk of a tree. The engine dislodged from the front of the vehicle and pinned Salazar by her chest, shattering two of her vertebra.

Instead of doing anything remotely chivalrous or gentlemanly, like a normal person who took a woman out on a date would, Pointer completely disregarded the poor woman’s well-being and took probably the most cowardly action imaginable: he left her for dead and took off running.


Dalon Pointer

Salazar, despite her very serious condition, was able to gather together every inch of strength she had left and managed to shove the enormous engine off of her lap. Covered in gasoline and blood, she then pried open the door and was able to crawl to safety and call for help. She laid on the side of the road in agony, with broken bones, bleeding and being eaten alive by bugs for over an hour in total blackness until help finally arrived.

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Salazar is currently in serious condition at OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City after suffering a broken neck and internal bleeding. Her family is still desperately searching for the monster that did this to her, and has posted the man’s picture all over social media in hopes that someone will recognize this horrible man and help to bring him to justice.

If you have any information on Dalon Pointer, contact Lawton Police Department at (580) 581-3270.


Lets bring this douche-bag to justice!

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