Man Survives Torrential Floods Clinging To Tree, Then Gets UNBELIEVABLE News

One resident from Fletcher, Oklahoma had quite the horrible experience Saturday morning, as the recent flooding throughout the state caused his day take a turn for the worse.


Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas was on his way to work at a local Subway, when his car was suddenly caught up in a torrent of flash flooding that swept him and his mother up, sending them both tumbling “like bumper boats” down the once quiet street.

Clinging for their lives, the mother and son perilously made their way through neck-high water, until grabbing onto the first thing they could find.

For hours, the pair remained stranded, holding out hope for rescue crews to arrive and save them.

Although their car was now completely destroyed, following the ordeal, the Thomas family said they were “just happy to be alive.”


But for Dylan, things were about to get much, much, worse.

The following day, Dylan was contacted by his coworker who informed him that his employment at Subway had been terminated due to his absence from work.

How horrifying! Hopefully Subway will make things right, and allow Dylan to return to work. As of now, Dylan is scrambling to figure out what course of action to take.

“It just sucks living out in the country without a vehicle and no job to help me pay for one,” Thomas stated.

Following the string of bad luck, a GoFundMe page has been set up, where donations can be made to help Dylan with the costs of bills and transportation.





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