Man Attempts To Evade Police, Does UNTHINKABLE At Last Moment

A man in Austin, Texas was determined to escape police officers, and in one last effort to evade authorities, took the drastic measure of setting himself and his car on fire.

As police approached the man at the gas station parking lot, the man could be heard saying, “….I think I’m gonna set this car on fire!”

Seconds later, a loud bang was heard from the police’s dash cam, as the car was engulfed in a raging inferno, sending the officer flying backwards.

Just then, the idiot does the unthinkable, attempting to re-enter the flaming car, as one last effort to evade police.

One of the officers claimed the man had a lighter in his hand, and investigators believe the inside of the car was covered in fuel. Possible motivation authorities believe, was to commit suicide.

The man and two officers were taken to the hospital to treat their injuries. The man is reported to be in serious condition.


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