Madonna stirs controversy posting photos of a Muslim man and a Jewish man doing…well, you’ll see…



Madonna posted an offensive picture on her Instagram that has some Muslims and Jews furious. The Queen of Pop stirred up a controversy on Sunday when she shared a photo of a Jewish man and a Muslim man getting hot and heavy. She captioned the picture as: “This image is 100. #rebelhearts” The pic was Madonna’s way of weighing in on the  Israel-Palestine conflict. 2015-05-20 06-14-11


Of course her supporters loved the photo, one fan wrote,

“Thank your for always supporting the LGBTQA community. Even when it could put your career on the line. Because if your influence, I have the courage to be a #rebelheart and live out and proud.”

Others were outraged and criticized Madonna for violating religious beliefs.

One user commented: “Who is Madonna disrespecting people like that. I don’t understand how she has the audacity to do something this extreme.”

While another user remarked: “It’s only gay people who are liking this and people who don’t know how to respect religions.”

Some of the funnier responses were found on Free Republic. A user there wrote,

“So the message is if every Arab man and every Israeli man turned homo there would be peace in the Middle East?”

One reader saw this as something positive, saying that Madonna has progressed. He wrote, “a few years back she would be sandwiched between them in the picture.”


This isn’t the first time Madonna has come under fire for posting controversial photos. To promote her latest album Rebel Heart, Madonna posted artwork of her kissing Disney princess Snow White. 2015-05-20 06-13-32

If this doesn’t say, I’m old, played out and screaming for attention, I don’t know what does!

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Keeping it classy Madge!

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