Professor calls on Whites to commit Mass Suicide, White People Respond with Their Own Request



Racist liberal professors are exposing themselves without fear lately and saying some of the most offensive filth you can imagine. They know that since they are liberal, they can get away with it. Most of the cases in the news have been of black professors making hateful comments about white people. Recently,  a black sociology professor Zandria Robinson tweeted, ” Whiteness is most certainly and inevitably terror”.  Saida Grundy is another black professor who took to social media to make racist remarks. Not only did she say that white males are what is wrong with America, she also verbally attacked a rape victim because she was white.

This case is a little different however. This time it is a white professor making ridiculous comments about race. Dr. Adam Kotsko, a professor at Shimer College in Chicago, Illinois, took to twitter to announce that all white people have been “complicit” in slavery, and should therefore “commit mass suicide” as reparation.




If that wasn’t bad enough, he also suggests that white people only exist in order to “subordinate and exploit other races.”



Turns out he wasn’t persuasive enough spreading his white guilt. Hundreds of white people responded with a request of their own asking him to go first. Apparently he wasn’t prepared to answer that question. Like most liberals do, he made a sarcastic comment and attempted an insult.



So where is the outrage? Could you imagine if he called on all black people to kill themselves? He would be out of a job! It just goes to show that no matter what color your skin may be, as long as you are liberal, you are immune from being labeled a racist. We need to stop allowing these leftist loons to get away with this. The double standard has officially gone too far.  This isn’t equality, this is the very definition of bigotry! Every race should be respected equally, especially by the people who mold the minds of our youth! When the other racist professors made their ignorant statements I asked everyone to contact the school and complain, and that is what I am asking again.   This will never stop as long as we keep allowing it. Enough is enough.

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