Liberal Anchor Faints Into Al Gore’s Arms While He Opines About Global Warming

Would you believe some people find Al Gore worth swooning over? One liberal reported nearly fainted into his arms when questioning him about climate change.

The Daily Caller News Foundation writes:

There’s at least one woman out there who probably thinks former Vice President Al Gore still has a way with words. Bloomberg Television anchor Francine Lacqua fainted into Gore’s arms during an onstage interview in Paris.

“Why are we still using fossil fuels?” Lacqua asked Gore during an event last week, according to a recently posted Youtube video.

“That is the point we are at right now. It has taken time, but now the change is bursting out,” Gore said during his lengthy response to why the world still uses fossil fuels for the vast majority of people’s energy needs.

“There is also oh-eh-eh-a-an extremely important…” Lacqua said before collapsing into Gore’s arms.

“Are you okay?” Gore asked.

“Yes,” Lacqua responded.

“Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. You’ll be fine. Hold on. There we go. Okay,” Gore said as Lacqua had trouble standing up.

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