LA and NY Schools Get Same Threat, React Very Differently

Both Los Angeles and New York City schools were the subject of threats of violence today. But each city reacted very differently.

CNN reports:

The United States’ two biggest school districts get the same threat.

One — in Los Angeles — decides to call off school, with the superintendent saying students won’t go back until he’s absolutely sure everything is safe.

The other — in New York — decides just the opposite, dismissing the threat as an apparent “hoax.”

So which one did the right thing?

There’s no easy answer. It depends partly on timing, given that Los Angeles authorities acted just before classes began on Tuesday, while the New Yorkers’ comments didn’t come until midday. And location matters: Los Angeles is just 60 miles from San Bernardino, where 14 people died about two weeks ago in what authorities called a terrorist attack.

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