Kurdish Peshmerga Serve Up Explosive Justice On Would-Be ISIS Suicide Bomber

A would-be ISIS suicide bomber gets a well deserved end, delivered with explosive power from these Kurdish Peshmerga fighters.

Daily Caller News Foundation writes:

The video footage shows what appears to be a convoy of Peshmerga fighters on a road near Mosul, Iraq. In the distance, a vehicle laden with explosives (also known as a VBIED, or Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device) heads directly for the Peshmerga at high-speed. Peshmerga fighters then open fire on the vehicle with small arms fire and heavy ordnance.

“It’s coming closer and closer,” says a man off camera. “Come on, hurry and hit it!”

Just as the suicide bomber makes his final approach, a large explosion brings him and his vehicle to an immediate halt. The man off camera gives a loud cheer, as do the surrounding soldiers.

According to the video, the Peshmerga used a MILAN anti-tank missile to intercept the attacker. The French/German developed MILAN system uses a wire-guided missile, controlled by the operator, to attack enemy vehicles and armor. It appears the MILAN system used to counter the would-be suicide bomber was a part of the various shipments sent to Kurdistan from Germany.

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