Karma Just Slapped Subway Worker Who Cheered and Celebrated Dead Cops

After two police officers in Mississippi lost their lives in the line of duty on Saturday, one Subway sandwich maker made her sentiments known, as she took to social media to express her overflowing joy.


“2 police officers was shot in hattiesburg tonight…GOT EM,” the Subway employee exulted on Facebook. “We can turn this bxtch into Baltimore real quick….Police take away innocent people lives everyday now & get away w/ it, fxck them…no mercy.” 

But her employer at Subway wasn’t amused, and came out Sunday night tweeting a response to the backlash, stating that Sierra “C-Babi” McCurdy, of Laurel, Miss., had ultimately lost her job after praising the actions of the cold-blooded killers.

“This behavior is unacceptable & does not represent our brand’s values & ethics,” Subway tweeted Sunday night, in response to the backlash. “The franchise has terminated the employee.”


Officers Benjamin Deen (left) and Liquori Tate (right).

Since the incident, three suspects have been arrested in connection with the brutal killings. Two have been brought up with multiple accounts, including capital murder, while the third was charged with accessory after the fact.  A forth person has been charged with obstruction of justice for their role in the incident. It is still unclear as to the motivation behind the killings.

Obama and Sharpton must be so proud!




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