Karma BITCHSLAPS Tsarnaev, See The ‘PLACE FROM HELL’ They’re Sending Him To

The facility that Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev may await his death, is being described by former supermax prison warden Robert Hood as a place that’s “pretty close to hell.”


The notorious ADX Supermax facility, located in Florence, Colorado. is nicknamed the “Alcatraz of the Rockies” and a “clean version of hell,” and known for driving violent inmates out of their minds, due to the constant isolation.

“I do know that when you put a person in a box for 23 hours a day and you tell them that’s the rest of your life, that each person has their own coping skills,” Hood told CNN. “When you see a person disrobing, throwing feces at a staff member going by — is that mental illness? Is that an issue where they’re self-destructing?

“I don’t know what hell is, but I do know the assumption would be, for a free person, [the supermax is] pretty close to it.”


Built in 1994, the ADX is the only Supermax prison in the nation of its kind, where inmates are locked away with no way to communicate with any other human….ever.

Dangerous criminals such as Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, and World Trade Center Bombing mastermind Ramzi Yousef, are just a couple of violent criminals on the roster of this hellish facility.


Unable to escape the conditions which drive them out of their minds, many attempt suicide as a way out. Prisoner David Shelby was one of the inmates who went mad, claiming he heard a directive from God to cannibalize himself. Soon after hearing voices, he cut his pinky finger into several peices before putting it into his soup and eating it.

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Several prisoners have filed lawsuits, alleging chronic abuse in the facility, with complaints that are nothing short of spine-chilling:

“Prisoners interminably wail, scream and bang on the walls of their cells,” the lawsuit says. “Some mutilate their bodies with razors, shards of glass, writing utensils and whatever other objects they can obtain. Some swallow razor blades, nail clippers, parts of radios and televisions, broken glass and other dangerous objects. Others carry on delusional conversations with voices they hear in their heads, oblivious to the reality and the danger that such behavior might pose to themselves and anyone who interacts with them.”

Harold Cunnigham is the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit against the prison, after being transferred to the ADX Supermax in 2001 to live out his life sentence for several murders.


“I was treated and lived like an animal for years,” Cunningham wrote to Solitary Watch. “Stripped of all my clothes for weeks at a time…just a blanket chained to my bed, water turned off, no shower at times. No food and when they did feed me it was bad food, stale bread and cheese, rotten apple…I was beaten while handcuffed. All this on and off throughout five to six years. It was an up and down roller coaster ride in a bloody nightmare. I was at war physically and mentally. I survived but now I suffer from PTSD so it’s hard for me to talk about some of the things I’ve been through. I’ve tried to block a lot of it out by escaping through writing. Every day in here is like a landmine field, one wrong step and I may snap back to that nightmare, something I don’t want to do.”

Mahmud Abouhalima recounted his experience at the prison, specifically H-Unit, which houses terrorists.

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“The longer I spent in this period of segregation, the worse it gets on my efforts to survive, to maintain my state of mind and my mental capacity. I lost fifty pounds from being on hunger strike in H-Unit and hunger strikes became a regular occurrence in the unit, with medical staff coming every weekend to weigh each inmate. This was the first time in my life that I experienced the brutality of force feeding.”

Awesome! Sounds like a PERFECT location for this asshat to live out the last pathetic days of his life, before he’s shipped off to see Allah!

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