What Just Happened To The Detroit Man Who Walked 20 Miles To Work Will Make You SICK


The man who was rewarded for his work ethic has paid a price that no amount of money would change.

It all started when a Detroit journalist published Robertson’s story. He told a newspaper that Robertson walked 21 miles from his Detroit home to his job in Rochester Hills. He explained to them that Robertson only made $10.55 an hour, but he never missed a single day of work. Once his story got out, Robertson life was forever changed. An online fundraiser was created in his name, and donations came pouring in. He even received a brand new Ford Taurus, with no strings attached. The final amount left Robertson 350,000 richer. He was humbled by the overwhelming amount of donations that poured in from complete strangers. He praised Detroit residents for their kindness, but as it turns out, not everyone was so kind.

When the news of Robertson’s good fortune spread, some of his neighbors started to look to him for hand outs. They saw that he was given a hand up and of course, they wanted a piece of the good fortune pie. He began getting death threats and feared for his life. The surrounding hostility got so out of control that Detroit Police had to regularly patrol Robertson’s home. He even had leave his long awaited new car in police custody when he wasn’t driving to or from work. Robertson was especially concerned after  hearing about the recent stabbing death of a 86-year-old Detroit man who had won the lottery. So, the 56-year-old man who has lived in the same neighborhood for most of his life, has now been forced to move to a secret location.

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As for what Robertson plans to do with his money once he knows he is safe, he doesn’t know. He has yet to receive any of the cash that was raised online. He said, “I’m going to figure that out when the time comes.”

“I really have been so shocked at this whole thing,” Robertson said. “Really, if anybody would have told me that this was going to blow up like this, I’d say you were crazy.”

It’s so upsetting to see this happen to such a good-hearted innocent man. James Robertson has spent the last decade walking without a car, and now he is left searching for a home.



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