Italy Sends Naval Ships Into Libya to TERRIFY ISIS, the Offensive Move Had Surprising Results



The Italian government is taking the threat from ISIS seriously and with good reason. In October, the ISIS magazine Dabiq published a cover with the jihadist group’s black flag flying above St. Peter’s Square. The article, “The Failed Crusade,” called for a war against the Catholic Church.

ISIS released a chilling video a few weeks ago showing the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians on a Libyan beach. The camera then cut to a militant pointing his knife at Italy and promising to “conquer Rome, by Allah’s permission.” And last week, an ISIS-affiliated Twitter account promised homosexuals would soon be tossed from Italy’s “Leaning tower of Pizza.”

Reports now say Italy sent warships for exercises in the Libyan shores to intimidate ISIS . The move worked, several sources confirmed that ISIS ran scared.

From Shoebat:

Italian military sources said that several Italian Navy ships were already deployed yesterday towards Libya claiming  to conduct naval exercises on the territorial waters of the shores of Tripoli borders. But a spokesman from the Ministry of Defense stated that the maneuvers aimed at terrifying ISIS.

The call by ISIS to evacuate completely from Derna, which surprised most people ordered all fighters to get out quickly which started at midnight on Friday through Saturday in which ISIS fled to the nearby mountain at Ras Al-Hilal area.

“Most camps, government buildings occupied by groups loyal to ISIS are free of militants” one local stated adding “We were surprised by this escape which had no obvious reasons so far and even our contact with leaders of the army did not confirm any progress or any movement by the army towards the city.”

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Initially, one Libyan military leader guessed that the sudden move might be repositioning themselves in mountainous areas that provide a natural cover from fighter jets.

Yet, several sources from within the city of Derna Libya confirmed that ISIS escaped from the city, at a time when Italy declared that the Italian warships were coming.

The Italian media are saying that Italy is sending ships from its Navy towards the Libyan shores and it seems that Italy may be preparing for a direct action in Libya.

Italy understands that they are dealing with an enemy that requires an offensive strategy . Leading from behind is futile. Maybe this move will help Obama realize that.




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