ISIS Lists Instructions How to “Blend In” with Americans, This is what you NEED to know…

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Those on the left are not concerned about ISIS because they think the terrorists are thousands of miles away. The left is wrong. ISIS is here and they are hiding in plain sight. The terrorist group is even reaching out to secret Islamic terrorist in America, and instructing them how to look and act “normal”.

A “Mujahid Guide” is circulating that teaches Muslims in Western countries how to blend in:

This book is a guide for the Muslims who are living in a majority non Muslim land, or a country where the rulers are harsh towards the believers. It will explain to you the different scenarios you may get into and how to react. It will teach you how to be a secret Agent who lives a double life, something Muslims will have to do to survive in the coming years.

The author of the book is only identified in the foreword as a male who “has been studying the global Jihad for 10+ years.”

In the book, Muslims are categorized into three groups: Converts to Islam, born Muslims, and practicing Muslims. Each group has instructions explaining to them how they should act to “look more friendly” and non-threatening while, at the same time, discreetly training for operations.

Converts to Islam are encouraged to “hide your Islam as much as possible,” such as quickly leaving after Friday prayers instead of mingling at the mosque. Goatees are encouraged to “fulfill the obligation” without growing a full beard. Women are told to wear colored hijabs instead of black ones.

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The book tells Muslims that they should alter their first name — “Al instead of Ali, or a neutral name like Adam” — or make up an alias, as jihadists in the Islamic State “are not allowed to tell their real name to anyone in case their friends are captured and
interrogated and reveal the real name of the brothers to the tyrants.”

Mujahideen, the term for one engaged in Jihad, have a practice of running daily before breakfast. Western jihadis are advised to run in the park in “three quarter jogging trousers,” learn to jump off walls on Wikihow, and join a climbing club.
The entire book operates on the premise that Muslims in the West are secret agents ready to rise up when the time comes:

When the Jihad reaches your neighborhood, rise up and race towards shahadah (martyrdom). That has been your goal from the beginning.


This isn’t to say that all Muslims are terrorists, but it’s important to know what to look for. The fact is, the religion of Islam is responsible for the killing of Christians all over the world. It isn’t ” Islamophobic” to be cautious and aware of your surroundings.




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