“I’m not a monster!”: Gay Foster Dad Begs Judge For Mercy After Leaving Baby To Die In Hot Car

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There are few things more heart-wrenching than learning that an innocent baby was left to die in a hot car. Every time I hear a story like this, I instantly feel an overwhelming sadness followed by an intense anger and disbelief. How could anyone forget their child in a sweltering car? In this case, the answer is pot.

29-year old-Kansas resident, Seth Jackson and his gay partner Payton Schroeder left their 10 month old foster child to die while they watched 2 hours of “Game of Thrones” and smoked weed. Jackson didn’t even remember that the baby, Kadillak Poe-Jones, was still in the car until he heard a baby’s cries on television. Police say the girl was inside the car with the windows up, and it was around 90 degrees outside. An autopsy showed she died of hyperthermia due to heat exposure.


The affidavit says Schroeder told police that Jackson called that day to let him know he would be picking Kadillak up from the baby sitter after taking their 5-year-old adopted child to a doctor’s appointment.  Jackson told police that when he arrived home, he locked the car and went inside with his 5-year-old and pizza he had picked up.

Schroeder revealed to investigators that he and Jackson smoked marijuana that Jackson had earlier picked up that day. Both men said they ran to the car to retrieve Kadillak and call authorities. Schroeder told investigators Kadillak was hot and stiff when she was taken from the car and carried into the house. As he called 911, Jackson attempted CPR but could not get the child’s mouth open.


In court Jackson sobbed claiming that he was “not a monster”. ‘Your honor, I’m a broken man, pleading here for my life,’ Jackson told the judge on Friday. The gay couple were hoping to adopt Kadillak Poe Jones who they raised since she was two weeks old. In addition to Kadillak, Jackson and his partner had five other children in their care. They had three other foster children ages 3, 5 and 18, and two adopted children ages 5 and 7.


 Although the girl died of hyperthermia, Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett said the first-degree murder charge was warranted because the child died during the commission of an inherently dangerous felony, aggravated endangering of a child. The case is not charged as intentional murder.  Jackson has been sentenced to a pathetic 32 months in prison for the death of that poor child. He says he no longer has anything to live for and wishes it were he who died inside of the hot car instead of his foster daughter.

He isn’t the only one with that wish. The only bright side to this ordeal is that the other children have been taken from the couple, and these two men will never be allowed to adopt a child again.


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