How This Town Ended Up Without a Police Department

The town of North, South Carolina is without a police force today after the entire force resigned.

WLXTX reports:

North, S.C. — A small South Carolina town is without a police force after a dispute between officers and the mayor caused the entire department to resign.

For 14 years and through two different mayors, Mark Fallaw was the police chief for the town of North. That career came to an end on Dec. 1 when he resigned, stating issues with the new mayor, Patty Carson.

“For her to be directing procedures that were contrary to national standards,” said Fallaw, “that was going to cause a problem. So I just said it was best for me probably to step down.”

Fallaw says Carson issued a gag order on the department saying they were not able to speak to media members and she would handle all requests. Fallaw says the new mayor also requested a two-week notice on any public appearances and also wanted to monitor incoming and outgoing department emails.

Fallaw detailed those concerns in his letter of resignation and when he left, his employees followed.

With no force to patrol the town, the county has had to take over. In a statement, the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office says, “the agency is answering calls and responding to those calls until further notice.”

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