Hillary Clinton Calls for “Re-Education Camps” For Americans [WATCH]



In George Orwell’s novel classic “1984”, political dissidents were forced to be incarcerated in labor camps, termed ‘joycamps’. Those who fear that America is heading in the same totalitarian direction are more than uncomfortable with what Hillary Clinton just suggested in a recent speech. Hillary thinks that adults should be required to go to what she calls “fun camps”. She wants a place for adults to be “re-educated on life skills”, as you will hear in the 2nd video.

Could this just be an attempt to appear warm and fun loving, or is there a connection to the joycamps?  Predictions of the landmark novel have already come true today. In the book, the purported leader of the Party that rules the nation of Oceania — keeps constant tabs on the population through “telescreens” (basically two-way televisions). With our National Security Agency (NSA) involved in warrantless wiretapping, maintaining a call database (MARINA), and engaged in data-mining (PRISM), the connection is almost eerie. So when one of the most powerful political forces suggests something called “fun camps”, maybe we should start paying attention. What do you think?

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