GRUESOME End For Old Lady As Muslim TERRORIZES London Neighborhood

Police in Edmonton, London were led on a 45-minute chase, as recent Muslim convert by the name of Nicholas Salvador went on a crazed murderous rampage through a quiet unsuspecting neighborhood, terrorizing the local residents.


Footage from a helicopter following the action, shows as the crazed machete-wielding man stormed through backyards and knocked down fences, right after he brutally attacked and beheaded 82-year old Palmira Silva, who was gardening in her yard.

82-year old Palmira Silva

82-year old Palmira Silva

Just moments before he attacked the woman, he beheaded two cats in the backyard of a neighboring house, three doors down from where Mrs. Silva lived. When the owner of the cats, a woman named Bianca, came out to investigate what was going on, Salvador told her “I have killed your cats, they are demons.”

Bianca stated that she saw him outside chopping something and then looking up to the sky as if it was some kind of act of worship.

According to statements, Salvador had recently become obsessed with witchcraft, demons and the Illuminati, and asked his friend strange questions like, “when am I going to get my powers?” and “am I going to turn into a girl?”

Salvador told jurors that he believed that Mrs. Silva was reincarnate of Adolf Hitler, who had taken the form of an old lady.

Inspector Doug Skinner said that while Salvador was attempting to evade authorities, there were children playing in the nearby gardens. One officer bravely climbed on top of the roof of one of the houses and warned the children to get inside to safety.

Children playing in their backyard, just feet away from the killer

Children playing in their backyard, just feet away from the killer

We genuinely thought he would kill those children and we were filled with utter terror,” he said.

Police finally cornered the insane man, and in a violent confrontation, Salvador bit one of the officers on the leg. It ultimately took six taser shots to bring the man down.

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Obviously only a very sick and disturbed individual could carry out such heinous acts of violence on innocent people, and the judge ruled that he was innocent of murder on the grounds of insanity.

After the the sentencing, it was determined that Salvador will be detained inside of a maximum security mental hospital indefinitely.

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