GRAPHIC: After Man Beheads a Child, Angry Mob Delivers BRUTAL Justice

Gruesome footage out of India shows locals dishing out a brutal dose of vigilante justice, after a self-described “guru” used a young boy as part of a human sacrifice to his Hindu gods.


Nanu Mirdha abducted 5-year-old Sajan Bag, forcing him into his home, where he proceed to sacrifice him to Kali, the Hindu goddess of death, by cutting the boy’s head off.

Locals found the blood-soaked body of Sajan Bag inside of Mirdha’s prayer room, and the boy’s head sitting beside the guru, soon after gruesome sacrifice was made.

Not wasting any time to deliver their justice, the video shows the man being dragged by the angry mob into the streets, using their feet, fists, and large pieces of wood to beat the man. With his hands tied behind his back and no way to fight back, Mirdha is continually beaten until he eventually succumbs to his injuries and dies.

“The accused [Mirdha] allegedly picked up a quarrel with the father of the child on Wednesday. They were in argument for hours,” said one of the locals. “That evening, he allegedly beheaded the boy with a machete after dragging him into his house.”

Blood sacrifice to the Hindu god Kali is a common practice in India, as The Daily Mail gives insight into the long history of the gruesome practice.

“Child sacrifice has a long an troubled history in India, growing out of the tradition of Tantrism, a series of spiritual practices similar to the Western occult.

While in Western culture, Tantric practices are often associated with sex or yoga, in remote parts of India, especially in the impoverished north, Tantrics are shaman-like practitioners.

In remote regions, Tantric priests are consulted on everything from marital strife to ill health, and claim to be able to channel the energies of the universe to resolve problems.

The Hindu god Kali, who is often painted holding a severed head while wearing a necklace of skulls, is often associated with human sacrifice, and formed the basis for the sacrificial cult in Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom.”

Now that’s the way to handle business! I’d say that’s perfect justice for this idiot who decided to take the life of a child as part of his depraved religious practice.

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