Girl Captures CHILLING Picture Of ‘Ghost’ At 15th Century Castle

For nearly two centuries, the famous Grey Lady has been rumored to haunt the corridors of Hampton Court Palace, where King Henry VIII once lived, and the elusive ghost may have just been captured unexpectedly with someones iPhone camera.

As 12-year-old Holly Hampsheir was wondering the castle as her 12-year-old cousin Brook McGee tagged behind taking pictures, a startling image was captured revealing what appears to be a dark-haired woman with a full-length black gown. The pair did not noticed the terrifying image until the next day after going through the photos.

ghost pic

Holly Hampsheir left, with the reported Grey Lady ghost, right

I was totally freaked out. I didn’t see anything. McGee said. People say the room goes cold when ghosts appear but we had no idea. We havent slept properly since.

Moments after the image of the ghost was unknowingly captured, McGee had snapped another photo, but this next image in the series showed no sign of the Grey Lady ghost.

ghost pic2

Holly Hampsheir in the same room moments later

The famous ghost, once known in life as Dame Sybil Penn, was a servant at Hampton Court for four Tudor monarchs, serving as a nurse to prince Edward and then to for his daughter Elizabeth I. After attempting to nurse Elizabeth I back to health after the she contracted smallpox, Penn died from succumbing to the disease herself in 1562.

Sightings of her ghost then began to be reported in 1829 after the church at the castle was rebuilt and her tomb was moved to a different location.

ghost pic3

While it is completely plausible that the image isfake, it would take a lot of skill to photoshop that image into the picture, which most 12-year-old kids do not possess. Unless these girls have a lot of time on their hands to craft up such an elaborate hoax, this could be the clearest and most startling image of a ghost that has ever been captured.

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