George Bush Defends Religious Freedom and Tells a Hilarious Joke, All in One POWERFUL Speech



Former president George Bush has suffered a lot of criticism for some of the things he has said when standing behind a podium, but Saturday he gave a speech that would have even his most vicious critics leaving with a smile.

Bush gave a commencement speech at Southern Methodist University, and unlike Michelle Obama’s speech at Tuskegee University last week, Bush gave students a positive message. The jokes he told had the crowd roaring with laughter, and when it came time to be serious, his words were powerful and inspiring.  He told the students,

“Some say that America’s best days are behind us, I say given our strengths, one of which is a bright new generation like you, these are not dark days, these are great days.”

Bush also confronted a sensitive topic that has been in the news quite a bit lately, religious freedom. Government attacks on Christian run businesses have been increasing more each day, and the former president didn’t shy away from sharing his thoughts on the matter.

“And finally, you can be hopeful because there is a loving God. Whether you agree with that statement is your choice, it is not your government’s choice.”

“It is essential to this nation’s future that we remember that the freedom to worship who we want, and how we want – or not to worship at all – is a core belief of our founding.”

Although he explained to students that they are free to choose who or what they want to worship, he confirmed where he stood when it comes to religion saying,

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“I’ve made my choice. I believe that the almighty’s grace and unconditional love will sustain you.”

God bless you Mr. President.


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