Fox News Priest SPIT ON at GAY PARADE Replies with INCREDIBLE Tweet

Media Correspondent for Fox News Channel and  Religious Life Adviser at Columbia University, Fr. Jonathan Morris, stumbled upon a big gay pride festival in NYC while walking down the streets shortly after the ground breaking SCOTUS rule on Gay Marriage.

Fr. Morris claims he was spit on in his tweet, and you won’t believe how he responded!

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If this isn’t the exemplary definition of grace, I’d like to know what is! At this point in the evolution of progressive liberalism we all have bared witness to, we all know the reverse situation would have warranted complete media outrage and uproar. Obama would be addressing it, Hillary would be tweeting it, Whoopi/Ellen/Rosie would be getting buzzwords going. The liberal orgyfest of rage would make headlines for two weeks straight, and then there’d probably be some sort of Federal legislation passed by a spineless GOP to make a meager attempt to look like they were sensitive and not stereotypically obstinate Republicans.

Folks. These stories don’t break headlines. Your average sheeple walking the street with their hipster glasses, skinny jeans, Starbucks latte and Che Guevara shirt don’t even care let alone know what ISIS is doing to homosexuals, while they scream JUSTICE FOR GAYS and whatever else they’ll be told to jeer for next. But you heard it here! Because Patriotism is now forced to breathe underground.  Ironic, isn’t it?

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