Following Attack In Garland, Brave Texas Man TAUNTS ISIS By Doing THIS

After the attack on the free speech event in Garland, Texas, the term “don’t mess with Texas” is taking on new meaning, after ISIS’ plans to wreck bloody havoc on the event was humiliatingly wrecked by two gun-welding Texas cops, who quickly gave the terrorists a one-way-ticket home to Allah.

Being brave in the face of danger is something pretty common as of late in Texas, as one man is making a bold statement to the ISIS terrorists, as he stands outside the Curtis Cullwell Center waving his 8-foot tall American flag, in defiance of the extremists.

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Joseph Offutt

“I haven’t eaten yet, but the way I see it, if the service men and women of our country can make a sacrifice, then I can make a sacrifice, too,” Offutt said. “I’ve never been in so much pain with my arms, but now I got people coming and helping me. It’s a beautiful thing.”

In an interview with ABC News, Offutt’s mother Angela Jenkins proudly stated,

“He’s been out there holding an eight-foot American flag with about a dozen other friends and people from the community. He has a lot of patriotism and pride in this country, and he wants to let all terrorists know our community is not scared.”


“I know God will keep him safe, and the Garland police are still making their presence known in the area,” she said. “Our police department is awesome. If there’s any danger, I know they’ll let him know, and he’ll come home or move to a safer location.”

Wave that flag high! With ISIS now claiming to be 15 states here in America, we will need many patriots such as these standing guard, ready to defend our country from those who wish to send us back to the dark ages.

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