Florida College Sued Over FORCED Vaginal Exams During Class

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This story is uncomfortable in every sense of the word. Two students recently filed a lawsuit against Valencia College in Orlando, Florida claiming that they were forced to undergo trans-vaginal probing in the school’s medical diagnostics program. If that wasn’t bad enough, the students allege  that faculty supervising made inappropriate comments during the exams creating a frightening and hostile environment.

WPTV reports:

“The lawsuit claims during orientation, the college “had a second-year student, Jennifer Astor (nicknamed the ‘TransVag Queen’) explain the medical diagnostic sonography program’s faculty believed that students should undergo invasive transvaginal ultrasound procedures in order to become better sonography technicians.”

“Valencia positioned these transvaginal probes as voluntary, but its actual policy and practice was that they were not,” according to the lawsuit.

The suit also describes weekly probes for students in the program, saying they, “endured these invasive probes without a modicum of privacy. Plaintiffs would disrobe in a restroom, drape themselves in towels, and traverse the sonography classroom in full view of instructors and other students.”

“A student would place a condom over the probe and then apply generous amounts of lubrication to the probe. In some cases, the student would have to sexually ‘stimulate’ plaintiffs in order to facilitate inserting the probe into plaintiffs’ vaginas,” the lawsuit alleges.

The suit says the women “experienced discomfort and embarrassment each time they had to endure this forced probing of their sexual organs.”

The lawsuit states that one of the defendants made extremely inappropriate comments to a student while she was undergoing a probe “She allegedly approached one student … during a probing session and stated (she) was ‘sexy’ and should be an ‘escort girl’ (prostitute).”

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The school  issued the following statement with regard to the diagnostic program:

“The use of volunteers — including fellow students — for medical sonography training is a nationally accepted practice. Valencia College’s sonography program has upheld the highest standards with respect to ultrasound scanning for educational purposes, including voluntary participation and professional supervision by faculty in a controlled laboratory setting. Nonetheless, we continue to review this practice and others to ensure that they are effective and appropriate for the learning environment.”

The students are hoping that the practice will be banished in the classroom, and the school has promised to investigate.

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