First Man To Receive Transplanted Penis Makes ASTONISHING Announcement

An unnamed 21-year old South African man who had become the first successful recipient of a transplanted penis back in December, has just announced incredible news.

According to reports, the man’s girlfriend is about four months into her pregnancy, and both of the parents are doing well.


Three years prior to the surgery, the man had lost all but one centimeter of his penis due to complications from a botched circumcision, due to a coming-of-age ritual in his hometown of Cape Town.


Members of the Xhosa People about to undergo ritual circumcision

Stellenbosch University urologist, Professor Andre van der Merwe led a team of surgeons for the incredible procedure, explaining that The Xhosa people regularly practice these adult circumcisions.


Professor Andre van der Merwe

But due to the poor sanitation and lack of medical knowledge, there are an astounding 250 amputations that occur annually as a result. This has led to a growing need for these kind of transplantation  surgeries, and with the news of the man’s transplant being a great success, there seems to now be hope for other people suffering from botched circumcisions.

The transplanted penis was removed from an organ donor who was scheduled to be taken off of life support. In order to get the go-ahead from family members of the donor, the doctors would have to fashion him a pseudo-penis from tissue harvested from his abdomen, so that he would have something to be buried with.


The Washington Post commented: “It’s no small thing to reattach any organ, and sexual organs have added psychological implications. If the function (both urinary and sexual) and appearance aren’t just right, the recipient has to deal with the implications of having a troublesome foreign object where his penis should be.”

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There have been other attempts at penis transplantation, but have not feigned as well. One man from China, after receiving this surgery, had complications arise from his body rejecting the new organ, and had to have it removed.

In the not so near future, however, it will be possible to do away with donors all together, as researchers have come a long way in developing lab-grown penises. Tissue from the patient’s own body will eventually be able to be harvested and used to grow entirely new, fully functioning organs, and the issue of the body rejecting a foreign object will be eliminated.

Pretty amazing!

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