Famous Black Comedian Gets White Waitress Fired For RIDICULOUS Racism Claim


Popular black, and very liberal, comedian W. Kamau Bell is known for saying extremely racist comment towards white people, but when he claims to be the victim of racism, things are very different. W. Kamau Bell hosted a horribly bad show called “Totally bias”, but at least the name was honest. He sparked controversy after claiming that white people do not have the right to say what is or isn’t racist. Apparently only black people have that right, and W. Kamau Bell used that to his advantage this week.  Bell cried racism in a Berkely Cafe and it resulted in the termination of an employee. He explains his side of the incident on his blog and it goes as follows:

1. After buying the book and deciding not to get a bag for the book, I walk to the Elmwood Cafe.
2. I see my wife and her new mom friends all happily chatting and holding their babies while sitting at an outside table. It struck me how well my wife fit in with these new friends. (And not just because they were all white… although I think that may have made a difference to you.)
3. I walk over to them. My wife introduces me to them.
4. One of them asks about the book I am holding.
5. I show her the book.
6. Seconds later there is a loud series of knocks on the window of the Elmwood Cafe. They are coming from the inside of the restaurant.
7. I look up and see one of your employees staring daggers at me.
8. The employee then jerks her head to her left aggressively and I see her mouth say something to the effect of…
9. “SCRAM!”
Seriously. That is what happened. OK. Maybe it wasn’t exactly, “SCRAM!” Maybe it was, “GIT!” Or maybe it was, “GO!” Whatever it was, it was certainly directed at me. And it was certainly the kind of direction you should only give to a dog… a dog that you, yourself, own.

The server who asked W. Kamau Bell to leave thought that he was a salesmen selling his book. There is no soliciting in the restaurant, and people have to be asked to leave all of the time for trying to sell products to diners. When she realized that she was mistaken, she immediately apologized. The damage was already done though. Liberals have been attacking the business on social media, giving them overloads of poor YELP reviews, calling for boycotts and some have even contacted the restaurant to complain. The reaction was so explosive that the owner has been forced to hold a “public conversation” on the issue.

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Now was the server a racist? I don’t know. But I was a server for 10 years and I can tell you I have had my share of mistakes with people. Sometimes when you are slammed with guests, you only catch a glimpse of what is happening and respond without thinking. I think this truly was an innocent mistake. Maybe he looked like someone else who came in there before selling something, maybe it had nothing to do with his race. To jump to racist conclusions and get this girl fired is ridiculous. So she assumed that you were a salesperson and apologized, so what? Oh wait, I’m white, and according to W. Kamau Bell, I have NO RIGHT to say what is racist.

I wonder if the “W” in his name stands for WHINY?

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