Family Makes JAW-DROPPING Discovery While Spring Cleaning Their Attic

A family in Tampa, Florida got their shock of their lives, after stumbling upon something in the attic while doing their annual spring cleaning.


In one of the dusty boxes, Maria Lopez found a box that belonged to her great grandfather. Contained within the old boxes was a map, old coins, an old wedding picture and a skeletal hand with a ring on its finger.


Mike Lopez

“I was totally blown away,” Mike Lopez, Maria’s brother, said. “Maybe my great-grandparents were pirates.”

Mike recalls that his grandfather used to tell him tales about his great grandfather, Ernesto, who according to family legend, had discovered pirate treasure that belonged to Jose Gaspar, a buccaneer known as Gasparilla.

The pirate staged a violent mutiny around 1783 on a Spanish war ship, and later settled in Florida where the family now resides.  Along with his crew, his conquests earned them the reputation of being greedy and “gory outlaws of the sea.”

Mike took the box to several antique shops, where they confirmed that the coins were minted in the 1920s. One expert examined the hand, and believes that the mummified remains more than likely belonged to a monkey.

The family still isn’t sure whether their great grandfather was a pirate, or if he had staged the elaborate hoax before he passed away. As of now, there’s no way to really know for sure.

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