Family Dollar Being Compared To The KKK For Implementing “No Hood” Dress Code



Ironic isn’t it? We have come to the point where you can be called a racist for NOT wanting people to wear hoods! I am learning so much about race in America today. Earlier, I read that if you are white and out eating brunch, you are a racist. Now, I’m learning that stores can be racists just for enforcing a dress code. At least that is what a St Louis Dollar Store is being told when they posted a sign asking shoppers to not wear hoods while in the store. The establishment has been robbed repeatedly in recent months, so for security reasons, they asked their customers to not wear clothing that hides their face. Even though the dress code applies to everyone, some are still jumping at the opportunity to play the race card. Critics of this policy feel that as long as you have no intention of committing a crime, it shouldn’t matter what you wear. They seem to also think that only black people wear hoodies. One twitter user going by the name of “liberals win”, even went as far as associating the Dollar Store with the KKK,

 “First Trayvon was murdered for his hoodie, now these racists want to bar any Black folk with hoods from their stores. @FamilyDollar

It’s important to note that EVERYONE, no matter what skin color, has to follow a certain dress code at most stores. The popular saying ” No shirt, No shoes, No service” is posted in store windows throughout the country. I don’t remember anyone calling that racist.

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Family Dollar headquarters  issued a statement in their own defense when confronted with this controversy,

The Family Dollar headquarters was initially unaware of the hood ban and has begun an internal investigation into the matter.It is not Company policy to ask our customers to remove hoods or sweatshirts before entering our stores,” said Public & Media Relations Manager Bryn R. Winburn of Family Dollar.

Most logical people don’t have a problem with the new rules. They understand that stores have to do whatever they can to reduce theft and keep people safe. Sadly, the fear of lawsuits, and being labeled a racist was enough to force the owners hand: the signs in question have been taken down.

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