Expert: ISIS Will Laugh at Obama’s Speech [Video]

CNN’s ISIS expert told Wolf Blitzer on Sunday that the so-called Islamic State will laugh at President Obama’s speech on terrorism and gun control.

BLITZER: How’s ISIS likely, Michael, to react to the president’s address?

WEISS: Well, I think they’ll laugh, frankly. I heard in the president’s remarks, I heard self-congratulation and cheerleading. “We will destroy ISIL. We will defeat this death cult,” as the president called it. Look, when the president came out and said ISIS is contained — and he was speaking specifically about the geographical expansion of their so-called caliphate — last week the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Statt repudiated those remarks … We’re actually not winning this war … I have not heard — and I really wish the president would say this — look, “I screwed up. I underestimated the threat. I called them the JV team well after I knew what Al Qaeda in Iraq was up to, including strapping mentally disabled young girls with suicide bombs and marching them into police headquarters.” … We have to be very realistic here. I’m not talking about alarmism. I’m not talking about fear-mongering, and I applaud him for drawing the distinction between Islam and ISIS, but I really think his head is in the clouds if he thinks this current strategy is going to succeed.


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