EX NYPD Officer Attacked On CNN Over Gun Pointing “Racist” Tweet, His Rebuttal Is EPIC!

If you aren’t familiar with #blackbrunch, I do my best to explain it to you. A group of protesters thought that it would be a good idea to “invade white spaces”, a.k.a restaurants, to speak out against the killing of black men by police. Over 100 protesters barged into New York restaurants, and read a list of names of black people killed by police. They followed the list with some catchy chanting, and to quote Seinfeld, yada yada yada, “black lives matter”. Funny, they didn’t bother to read off the names of the THOUSANDS of black people killed by other black people last year. Apparently, the 127 black lives taken by police matter MORE than the 2,245 taken by other blacks last year.  A former NYPD police officer, John Cardillo, heard of the silly meal interrupting protest, and decided to express his views through twitter. He posted a picture of himself pointing an unloaded gun, with the message.

“I’m really enjoying these Eggs Benedict so move along now.


The reaction he received for the post was so overwhelming that it landed him a spot on CNN to talk about it with Don Lemon. Cardillo argued his point was exposing “hypocrisy” on the part of people who were outraged by his tweet, but not about looting and rioting in Ferguson. A New York Times columnist and huge liberal, Charles Blow, defended the protesters, comparing them to protesters of the civil rights era. Cardillo called Blow out on the ludicrous comparison, pointing out the fact that during the civil rights, black people were not even allowed IN those restaurants! Cardillo said it would be demeaning for anyone to compare the brunch disrupters to heroes of the civil rights movement. That set Charles Blow into a short hissy fit, which was immediately put to shame by one of the best rebuttals I have heard on this issue in a long time.

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