EVIL in the House Of God: Man with “666” on his Forehead Arrested for Vicious Church Murder



The small North Carolina town of Duck has never experienced a single homicide. This murder is the first in the tiny, seven-mile, seaside community in Dare County.

William Everett Long is a 53-year-old homeless man with the numbers “666”, also called the Mark of the Beast, tattooed on his forehead. Long has been charged with first-degree murder for fatally stabbing another man in a church, police say.

61 year-old George Provost was stabbed to death in a United Methodist Church where both men were staying. Police were initially dispatched to the shelter at 7:29am on Thursday morning and requested medical support at 7:36am, according to a statement from the town.  Dare County Emergency Medical Service transported the victim to The Outer Banks Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 8:40 a.m.

According to police, 53-year-old William Everett Long got into an argument with the victim, grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed the man.

Long, who has a lengthy rap sheet, is being held without bond.

Sergeant Jeff Ackerman told local news media that this incident has shaken up the entire town. ‘This tragedy doesn’t just hit the church, it’s hit our community very hard, he said.

Both Long and the victim were staying at Duck United Methodist Church as part of the OBX Room in the Inn program (OBXRITI).  OBXRITI is a non-profit, church-based program helping the homeless in Dare County.  Shelter is offered on a rotational basis at churches throughout Dare County during colder months.  No other guests or volunteers with the program were injured as a result of the dispute.


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