Emergency Responders Reveal LIFE THREATENING Issue That’s Plaguing America

Common sense should dictate that when an emergency vehicle is attempting to navigate through crowded streets with their lights and horns blaring in order to respond to a life-threatening situation, it’s probably a good idea to get the hell out of the way.


Self-serving douche in a white SUV continues on their path, forcing emergency responders to slam on their brakes

Whether it’s lack of common sense, disregard for the rules of the road, or just being a plain douchey person, emergency responders across the country say that drivers are getting worse about blocking roads, or refusing to pull over, which is tragically costing lives.

Dashcam footage on a firetruck in Jacksonville, Florida, reveals the seriousness of the issue, as firemen attempt to navigate through crowded streets to respond to a fire, but are continually forced to stop as drivers refuse to get out of the way.

When I interviewed an EMT from the Michigan area, he said that  there are many extenuating circumstances that make it difficult for drivers to see and hear emergency vehicles, but provided basic tips that all drivers should adhere to.

“The national rule of thumb is for driver’s to pull over safely to the right or most importantly, to cease moving at intersections altogether until we pass you on the left. While we understand not everyone can see or hear us well, there are always those who simply don’t care,” Lee M, EMT-Paramedic stated. “When everyone adheres to this, it makes both responding to and transporting critically ill or injured patients best for the entire community. You never know when you our someone you love will be waiting anxiously for our arrival.”

Unbelievable! Do people seriously not realize that when they block emergency responders from getting to their objective, that they are putting lives in jeopardy?

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Is driving to your destination seriously more important than an EMT arriving in time to revive a child before they die, or for a firefighter to arrive in time to rescue a family trapped in their burning home?


Just let that sink in next time you want to be a douche and block the f*cking road.




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