Dramatic Video Shows Cop Killing Suspect After Violent Crash

This dramatic video shows a violent car crash involving a drunk driver. Upon exiting the vehicle, however, the officer who was pursuing the suspect shoots the man dead. Watch the video and tell us if you think the man posed a threat and if the officer was justified.

Andrew Thomas, 26, made a deadly decision to get behind the wheel after he’d been drinking on Thanksgiving night. With his 23-year-old wife, Darien Ehorn in the passenger’s seat, Thomas left the Canteena Bar and was immediately pursued by Paradise police officer Patrick Feaster. In a pursuit that barely lasted a minute, Thomas loses control of his Toyota Four-Runner, hit the median and flipped over. Tragically, his wife was ejected from the vehicle and died on the scene. Officer Feaster then gets out of his vehicle, gun drawn, and as Thomas attempts to get out of the vehicle, in a likely attempt to check on his wife, the cop shoots him in the neck.

h/t World Star Uncut

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