Days after Seriously Attacking Obama on Foreign Policy, This Democrat is Facing Federal Charges


It takes a lot of integrity to speak out against the corruption in this administration, and so far we haven’t seen many Democrats show that kind of integrity. New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez, however, has been very vocal recently about the Obama administration’s relations with Cuba and the dangerous deal Obama is trying to make with Iran. At a AIPAC speech the Senator said,

“As long as I have an ounce of fight left in me, as long as I have a vote and a say and a chance to protect the interests of Israel, the region, and the national security interests of the United States, Iran will never have a pathway to a weapon.”

Now, Menendez is facing a hard truth that many conservatives had to learn, if you speak out against Obama, you will become a target.

Bob Menendez is facing serious charges from Eric Holder and the Department of Justice. They are alleging that he used his Senate office to push the business interests of a Democratic donor and friend in exchange for gifts. The investigation has been ongoing for two years, but it is only now that Eric Holder is acting on the charges.

The New York Times explained details of the case:

“It revolves around the friendship between the senator and Salomon Melgen, a wealthy Florida eye surgeon. The two spent holidays together at Dr. Melgen’s home in the Dominican Republic, a gated oceanfront resort where the neighbors included Oscar de la Renta. Dr. Melgen eventually delivered hundreds of thousands of dollars to benefit Mr. Menendez and the national Democratic Party.

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Mr. Menendez accepted two round-trip flights aboard Dr. Melgen’s private jet for personal vacations in the Dominican Republic in 2010, but failed to report them as gifts or to reimburse Dr. Melgen at the time, as required under Senate disclosure rules.

According to court papers that were mistakenly and briefly unsealed last week, prosecutors have been examining whether Mr. Menendez improperly tried to persuade Medicare officials in recent years to change reimbursement policies in a way that would make millions of dollars for Dr. Melgen, one of the country’s biggest recipients of Medicare funds. Mr. Menendez has acknowledged urging the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to change its reimbursement policy, but said he did so because he considered the policy unfair.

Menendez is disputing the allegations of wrongdoing. “Let me be very, very clear,” he told about a dozen reporters. “I have always conducted myself in accordance with the law.”

He added: “Anyone who knows me knows who I am and that I am not going anywhere.”

 Mr. Menendez’s supporters argue that he has been friends with Dr. Melgen for years.

The senator echoed that assertion in his brief appearance before reporters Friday night.

“As to Dr. Melgen, everyone knows he and his family, and me and my family, have been real friends for more than two decades,” Mr. Menendez said. “We celebrate holidays together, have been there for family weddings and funerals, and have given each other birthday, holiday, and wedding presents — just as friends do.”

If Mr. Menendez were to step down, Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican who is preparing to run for president, would name a temporary replacement. Under New Jersey law, United States Senate seats that become open more than 70 days before the next general election will be filled in that election — which would be November of this year.

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