CREEPY Octopus Attack Caught On Camera, What Nightmares Are Made Of

So this crab was just hanging out, minding his own business basking in the sun and doing crab stuff, when suddenly a ghoulish slimy octopus darts out of the dark waters, and snatches the poor crab, before he even knows what hit him.

The frantic crab struggles to get away, moving his arms and front claws, but he is no match for the powerful octopus, as he is quickly pulled back underneath the murky waters disappearing forever.

Maybe its just me, but I think octopuses are extremely creepy. While they kind of look like mini-sea monsters, they also resemble overgrown sea-dwelling spiders with ginormous heads. Im pretty sure the creepiest part of this whole scenario is how quickly these tentacle-ridden little slimy blobs are able to navigate their way across land. If I ever saw one of these thing up close, Im pretty sure I would die.

H/T [Live Leak]

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