Crazed Woman Goes Full APE SH*T At Convenience Store, Bystanders’ Reactions PRICELESS

In cellphone footage captured sure to make Sharpton and Obama proud, an enraged woman in orange shorts can be seen as she goes full ape sh*t at a convenience store, destroying everything in her path.

Image source: Live Leak

Taking huge swipes with her arms, she makes her way around the store reminiscent of a scene out of Godzilla, as she sends displays and items flying, as bystanders cheer on the destruction.

Image source: Live Leak

“She is a wild thing!” one person can be heard saying, as about a dozen cheer on the event from the safety of outside the store.

Image source: Live Leak via YouTube

“She’s gonna break that window!” one observer said, laughing.

“Alright, lemme back up if she kicks through it!” another onlooker said.

Eventually, the psychotic woman is pushed outside by a manager, where her concern after wrecking the entire store is over her pedicured hands.  “I just got my nails done!!!!”

Proud over her accomplishments, she yells to the manager:

“I f***in’ trashed your store!”

Image source: Live Leak via YouTube

While most people are probably astonished over the footage, questioning what inspired this woman to wreck havoc on the store, some have come forward to sympathize with this poor woman’s inner turmoil.



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