Couple Notice Orange Goo Oozing From Walls, HORRIFIED To Learn Why

A couple from Pomona, California made a horrifying discovery hidden behind the walls of their suburban home.

Around six months ago, Chris and Crystal Zettell started noticing what looked like “orange pancake batter” goo oozing from the walls inside of their house.


Despite scraping the mystery substance away from the walls, Crystal said that it would always come back. It wasn’t until they removed part of the wall, that they were met with a horrific scene.

“We’ve had 10 people out here, nobody could find a leak. Nobody knows what it is. Nobody comes back after the first time they come.” 

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This disgusting fungus is called Meruliporia incrassata, and once it shows up, it can quickly deteriorate and destroy a home within just months.

“When poria does invade a house, it’s almost always catastrophic,” Mississippi State University wood technology professor Terry Amburgey said at “The fungus will infiltrate a foundation, wood or concrete, and pretty soon the entire house goes.”

The fungus has been seen sprouting up with more and more frequency in the southern states recently, and it can grow even when relatively far from any moisture source. It secretes its own enzymes onto the wood, turning it into complete mush.


Repairs for the couples’ home are expected to be in the tens of thousands of dollars. If left untreated, the entire home will end up caving in on itself.

The couple has set up a GoFundMe account because their insurance has denied their claim and the cost to fixing their home will have to come out of pocket.

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