Chuck Norris Has a Plan to Take Down Obama…and It’s Incredibly Simple

Chuck Norris is calling for a Constitutional convention that would stop Obama in his tracks, disabling his ability to destroy the U.S. economy any further.

In an article he wrote for WND, Norris explained that all that would have to happen is for two-thirds of the states to ban together and demand a convention to add a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, which would stop the federal spendthrift once and for all.

“There’s finally hope on the horizon to control the federal fiscal insanity by the states’ initiative to force a balanced budget amendment via an Article V constitutional convention.”

Chuck Norris Has a Plan To Take Down Obama…And It’s Incredibly Simple

Norris went on to explain that many Americans do not realize how close the amendment is to becoming a reality, since 25 of the 34 states that are required have already called for the convention.

“If we wait another decade to constrain spending, the task of balancing the federal budget becomes insurmountable. By then the economy will be stagnating; and eliminating deficits will require that federal spending be cut in half, something that will never happen.”

“The window to stop and correct the economic chaos perpetuated by Washington is narrow and passing. Without intervention, Washington will spiral our economy to its point of no return. All other solutions for economic federal restraint or solvency have proven fruitless, despite the best of intentions of some. The only way to save our posterity from inevitable economic peril is to enact this BBA as soon as possible. There is no reasonable alternative.”

I couldn’t agree with Chuck Norris more! What Obama has done with his endless spending is nothing short of economic suicide. Since Obama has taken office, he has successfully increased the national debt by 70 percent, tallying more than a whopping $18 trillion dollars!

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