Christian Cries To God As Muslims Torture Him, Then THIS Happens

Despite numerous attempts on his life at the hands of Muslims in the area, Ugandan minister Kisa Emmanuel Amos has kept his vow to deliver the word of God to anyone who is willing to listen.

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He recently became the target of persecution after 3 local Muslim women heard his message, and decided to give their lives to Christ and leave Islam behind. This of course didn’t go over too well by the husbands of these women, and the sheikhs set out to get their revenge.

When their attempt to take out Pastor Amos’ life was unsuccessful, they then set their sites on his orphanage, where they brutally gang raped 2 of his orphans in retaliation.

But this wasn’t the first time that Pastor Amos has been persecuted for his faith, as just last December, he was arrested by Muslim officers after preaching the message of Christ to them.

“I was tortured by Muslim police officers, who attacked me in church, right on the pulpit,” Kisa told Mad World News. “They clubbed me, tear gassed me right in the eyes, beat me with guns, kicked me, beat me badly, and threw me on their patrol pickup when I was unconscious.”

Several members of Pastor Amos’ small congregation tried to intervene with the horrific beating, but were soon arrested and beaten along with their pastor. When the pastor was hauled off to jail, it was only the beginning of his long and horrifying nightmare.

“When I was at police, the police officer used the back of his gun to beat me up,” Kisa recalled. “I had already been badly tortured at church and I was almost unconscious. I couldn’t move because my knees and ankles had been beaten with clubs.”

Kisa endured unthinkable torture at the hands of the Muslim police, where each day for an entire month they would beat him, torture him with teargas, and poison him with contaminated water. Holding him under false allegations, the officers encouraged other prisoners to join in on the beatings.

“My feet were broken and I was badly affected by the beatings,” he said. “I had fractured 3 ribs and a crack on the spine.”

Showing incredible fortitude and faith in God, Kisa not only overcame his horrific injuries, but used the time in prison to minister to the Muslim officers rendering the beatings, astonishingly, leading them to Christ.

“I have always been warned against preaching on the streets of this community,” Kisa said faithfully. “I can’t help but to preach the Gospel and, for sure, the Lord has brought so many Muslims in this community to Christ.”

After being kept in prison for over a month, the pastor appeared in court, where he would learn his fate. Incredibly, the magistrate overseeing the case found no fault with him, and set him free.

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Pastor Kisa is still determined to share his faith with all who will listen, but unfortunately, the experience has done a great amount of injury to his back, feet, and internal organs. Still recovering, he struggles to work full-time on top of the full load of caring for his church and the children of his orphanage. He now faces eviction, as he is two months behind on rent for his orphanage.

Pastor Converts Muslim Women, Husbands Take Revenge On His Orphanage

Volunteer and close friend Amanda Cook has created a YouCaring account, with the hopes that funds can be raised in time before the children are evicted from their only home.

“Helping Pastor Kisa’s ministry and orphanage has brought me and my family such joy,” Cook told Mad World News. “Though, if we cannot raise the needed money in the short amount of time we have, tears of joy will certainly turn into tears of sorrow.”

“The Lord is my Shepherd and Pastor Kisa is operating in the spirit of that shepherd,” she writes. “If you feel led to operate in the spirit of our Savior and are ready to inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world (Matthew 25:34), you can make it happen now.”

Pastor Converts Muslim Women, Husbands Take Revenge On His Orphanage

Kisa remains optimistic, even though his injuries have dealt him a serious blow.

“The Lord is healing me tremendously well, I have to acknowledge,” he said gratefully. “I am still preaching the Gospel amidst great persecution. I developed a breathing problem, but it will also be healed sooner than the devil knows.”

If you would like to help these orphans and prevent them from being evicted, a direct donation to Kisa’s church can be done here. If you are unable to help monetarily, please help share this story, as any proceeds made from the story, will go directly to help the pastor.

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