Chris Rock Just Made Some Racist Comments That Should Have Every White Person FURIOUS!

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Chris Rock has been obsessed with focusing on race in his career. It’s funny how a millionaire still has the nerve to play the victim when it comes to race. In the New York Magazine, Chris Rock did an interview claiming that white people need to “own” the actions of their ancestors.

When we talk about race relations in America or racial progress, it’s all nonsense,” Mr. Rock said. “There are no race relations. White people were crazy. Now they’re not as crazy. To say that black people have made progress would be to say they deserve what happened to them before.”

Mr. Rich asked the comedian if white people are “adjusting to a new reality?”

“Owning their actions. Not even their actions. The actions of your dad,” Mr. Rock said. “Yeah, it’s unfair that you can get judged by something you didn’t do, but it’s also unfair that you can inherit money that you didn’t work for.”

Now, Chris Rock is complaining that “police brutality never happens to white kids.” In an interview with the very liberal media outlet The Guardian, Chris Rock says,

“It’s not that it’s gotten worse; it’s just that it’s part of the 24-hour news cycle,” Rock said of police brutality. “What’s weird is that it never happens to white kids. There’s no evidence that white youngsters are any less belligerent, you know?”

Like most liberals, Chris Rock isn’t concerned with the facts. If he would bother to take the time to research, he would know that white people are killed three times more than black people. The website, which tracks media reports of officer-involved deaths, reported that at least five young white men have been killed since the beginning of April.

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The reason Chris Rock doesn’t know that is because white people are not rioting in the streets screaming “white lives matter”. I mean, that would be racist wouldn’t it?

Speaking of racist, Chris goes on to say that the reason the 6 officers were charged in the Freddie Gray incident was because the prosecutor is black.

“Unfortunately, it may have something to do with the black mayor and the black police chief and all that stuff,” he said. “But, hey, charged and convicted are different, so we’ll see.”
The truth is, Chris Rock doesn’t want racism to go away. In fact, he is doing everything he can to keep racism alive. Race baiters like him salivate watching the 24 hour news cycle, just waiting for a video to emerge of a white cop doing something wrong to a black person. If Chris Rock had any integrity, he would be preaching in interviews about the REAL problems in the black community, overwhelming crime and black people killing other black people! But why focus on the solution when you can make so much more money intensifying the problem?

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