CHILLING Facts Emerge About Mother Found Pushing Dead Son In Swing

Chilling New Details Emerge Of The Mom Found Pushing Dead Son On Swing

Last month, many were left heartbroken over the story of a Maryland mother who was found at a park pushing her dead toddler in a swing. But new details which have just emerged are putting a horrific twist to the story, casting a light on the mother’s true intentions.

Police were called to the park after several local residents noticed that the mother had been pushing the child in the swing since the night before. Police arrived on the scene to find Romechia Simms repetitively pushing her son’s lifeless body, where he was immediately cut out of the play equipment.

Sending Ji’Aire Donnell Lee’s body off for an autopsy, it was unknown at the time if the mother was at fault for the child’s death, but with the results of the autopsy now coming back, it appears as though she was entirely to blame.

Chilling New Details Emerge Of The Mom Found Pushing Dead Son On Swing

The autopsy revealed that the child had been dead for hours after being discovered by the officers, succumbing to thirst and hypothermia, after being pushed for almost two entire days straight.

As of now, the boy’s death had been ruled a homicide, but it is unclear as to whether Simms will face charges.

Facts are coming to light as to Simms’ ongoing mental issues however, which could explain her erratic behavior that day. Suffering from both depression and bipolar disorder, she had been hospitalized twice for her erratic behavior.

Ji’Aire’s father, James “Donnell” Lee

The father told of several disturbing stories leading up to the event, one where he spotted Simms taking a midnight stroll with the toddler, who was barefoot and in his pajamas. He recounted another incident, where Simms had jumped out of a moving taxi while she had the young child in her arms.

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Donnell had petitioned the court for custody of his child, telling the judge in a letter that he feared for the safety of his son.

“I do not believe she can safely care for our son,” he wrote in his March custody petition. “I am concerned about my child’s safety and well being. I want to make sure that our son is safe.”

But sadly, the judge denied that the mother was unfit, and the custody arrangements remained the same. Eleven days later, the little boy would be found tragically dead in the park swing.

Others in the family to include the little boy’s grandmother, knew Simms was mentally unstable, admitting that she acted erratically many times leading up to the incident.

Chilling New Details Emerge Of The Mom Found Pushing Dead Son On Swing

It’s so incredibly tragic that this child lost his life at such a young age, but perhaps even more heartbreaking that those in his life saw the red flags in regards to the mother, and didn’t take a more aggressive approach in protecting him.

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