Child’s UNBELIEVABLE Reaction After His Mom Engages In Walmart Brawl

Police are investigating an incident at a Walmart in Beach Grove, Indiana, after disturbing footage of the brawl have begun to circulate online.

In this apparent white trash altercation, two women begin to exchange a barrage of hateful expletive-filled words with each other, when the woman on the motorized scooter finally gets up and doles out the first punch, dragging the other woman to the floor in the middle of the shampoo isle.

Most disturbing of all, is when the young boy accompanying woman #2 joins in and starts throwing kicks and punches of his own, before finally grabbing a bottle of shampoo,   hitting woman #1 over the head with it as his mother holds her down. His mother encourages the little boy to continue, as she yells out,

“Punch her in the f***ing face! I got her!”

Shampoo bottles are sent flying off the shelves as the women barrel down the isle towards the end of the first video, and the man recording the whole ordeal can be heard saying “This is white trash at its finest.”

It’s not uncommon to spot something or someone strange while shopping at Wal-Mart, but this is certainly takes the cake.

According to reports, police are deciding whether or not to press charges. They are questioning the condition of the boy’s home living environment, and have not yet decided whether to involve the Department of Human Services in their investigation.


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