Chick-Fil-A does an act of kindness that went further than they could have imagined…



You never know just how far an act of kindness can go. Holding the door for a person, picking up something they dropped or just smiling and saying hello can go a long way. A mother in North Asheville, North Carolina found out just how powerful an act of kindness can be when she went to Chick-Fil-A for dinner.

Carrie Chisholm pulled up to the drive thru Monday night and ordered dinner for her and her son. She pulled up to the window to pay but when she went for her wallet, she realized that she had forgotten it.  The woman working then turned to her manager, and quietly asked if they could give her the meal for free. The manager agreed and they comped the meal.

When the woman returned home, she wrote a post on Facebook explaining why that act of kindness meant so much to her.

“I wanted to thank the team that was working last night when I came through the drive through with my three year old and could not find my wallet. The woman working the window at this time turned and asked a manager quietly and turned and respectfully told me they made the decision to let us have the meal. What they did not know was that we had just been at the hospital for many hours after having to ride emergency to the hospital in the ambulance because he was so sick. Our son has a congenital heart defect called hypo plastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) and we were oh so scared for his life yesterday. He is feeling much better today. The workers at this location should get awarded for their professional compassion. They don’t know how much I needed that small act of kindness last night. Having a son with half of a heart is a tough life yet full of many blessings. Thanks for being a blessing to us last night!” 2015-05-01 03-52-37

“This world is so fast and hurried, and she could have just told me to move along,” Carrie says. “But she saw a mom who looked so frazzled.”

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Since its original posting, Chisholm’s story has gone viral on Facebook with over 5,700 likes.

With all the negative news happening today it’s nice to be reminded that there is so much positive out there. God bless Carrie Chisholm and her son, and God bless Chick-Fil-A for their good deed.

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