Byron Allen Calls Obama a “White President in Black Face”, then upsets black people with one TRUE Statement

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Byron Allen hasn’t been shy when it comes to speaking his mind about race and politics. Back in February, he destroyed Al Sharpton over the controversial Comcast lawsuit. He referred to Sharpton as a “black pawn in a very sophisticated white economic chess game.” He went on to say, “He’s not even bright enough to know he’s on the chess board and he’s being used by his white masters at Comcast.”

Byron Allen is shooting off at the mouth again, but this time President Obama is the target.  In a video from TMZ, Allen essentially calls Obama an Uncle Tom. Allen said that he was outraged by Obama referring to the Baltimore rioters as “thugs” He went into the same ridiculous blame game his enemy Al Sharpton plays, crying that it isn’t the thugs fault for breaking the law and destroying businesses, it’s because “we positioned them to fail.”

Allen then warns Obama to, “remember who you are,” telling him, “It’s OK to be President and a black man.”

Apparently, Byron Allen thinks that your skin color determines who you are. I guess he is trying to say that since Obama is black, he should give special treatment to black people.

Allen takes it a step further and calls Obama a “WHITE president in black face.” He concludes his rant by saying something that is bound to have black Obama supporters furious. Byron Allen said, “black people would have done better under a white president.”

The funny thing is, he is right! Black people did far better under Bush. The average black unemployment under President Bush was 10 percent. The average under President Obama after almost seven years is 14 percent, double that of whites. The percentage of Blacks in poverty in 2009 was 25 percent; it is now 27 percent, and the wealth gap between Blacks and Whites in America is at a 24-year high.

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I don’t like that Byron Allen calls Obama white as if it is some kind of insult to be Caucasian, but I’m glad he’s pointing out just how much Obama has failed the black community. After all,  96% of black people voted for Obama, and he had the highest African American voter turnout in history. Looks like Barack Obama isn’t the first black president African-American voters were hoping for.  Well, join the club.


If you have trouble viewing the video, it can also be seen HERE.

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