BREAKING: Thug Tries To Attack NYPD Officer With Hammer, INSTANTLY Regrets It

Police in New York City had been on the lookout for a 30-year-old Bronx man, who had been prowling the city in search of people to attack with his hammer.

Authorities honed in on David Baril, after a victim identified the thug’s picture, taken from surveillance camera footage at a subway station earlier this week.


David Baril

When spotted by police early Wednesday morning, Baril pulled a hammer from his bag, and began chasing the female police officer with it. The male officer on the scene responded quickly, shooting Baril once in the back and once in the neck.

Screenshot 2015-05-13 at 12.44.31 PM

As reported by the Wall Street Journal:

Two patrol officers—a female officer and her male partner—had just finished responding to a nearby assault when they saw Mr. Baril at 38th Street and Eighth Avenue, said Deputy Chief William Aubry, head of the NYPD detectives’ squad in Manhattan.

The two officers followed Mr. Baril south on Eighth Avenue. As he reached 37th Street, Mr. Baril turned and pulled out the hammer and “violently started swinging the hammer at the female officer,” Chief Aubry said.

According to officials, the female officer suffered injuries to the back of her head, and is being treated at a local hospital. Police are still unsure if her injuries were caused by a blow with the hammer, or her fall to the ground.


This wasn’t Baril’s first brush with the law, with prior incidents including attacking a police officer with a sharp object, using a box cutter during a robbery, and assaulting a KFC restaurant worker after jumping over the counter.

What a classy guy! Sharpton and Obama must be so proud! When do the riots start?

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