Breaking Report: Obama to Subsidize Iran Nuke Program, Sacrifice Israel, In Exchange for Less Jihad



We all know that Obama seems to buddy up with our enemies more than our allies, but I never imagined he would go this far. Reports have now surfaced that the Obama administration is going to offer the Iranian regime technical aid for its nuclear program in exchange for less jihad in the region.

From the Jerusalem Post:

At a security conference in Munich, the two leaders met to discuss ongoing negotiations over the nuclear program— and that program only, according to American officials. But the warning from Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif underscored core motivations driving Western diplomats in the talks: The realignment of Tehran towards cooperation with Washington elsewhere in the region, from Syria and Iraq to Yemen and Lebanon.

That is a departure from their original goal, set explicitly at the beginning of negotiations, to dismember Iran’s nuclear program thoroughly and permanently.

Rare is Zarif’s acknowledgment of US influence in Iranian politics: The 1979 revolution, and the regime born from it, was a sweeping rejection of American involvement in Iran’s domestic affairs. Today, politics within the country fiercely debate whether to accept a nuclear deal— or any deal— with the government’s oldest foe.

But reports began surfacing last week that the Obama administration is offering Iran technical concessions on its nuclear infrastructure in exchange for Iran’s use of its leverage to tamper regional turmoil.

Meeting for over two hours with Kerry, Zarif said that discussions focused on how sanctions will be lifted once a deal is reached, and how many uranium-enriching centrifuges will remain.

Zarif also met with European Union high representative Federica Mogherini, who said publicly that the time was ripe to reach an agreement. The two acknowledged conversations went beyond the nuclear file and covered the conflicts embroiling much of the Middle East.


This is the same Iran that armed the Assad regime’s mass slaughter in Syria. The same Iran that is developing nuclear weapons to further its war against the West and has declared aim of exterminating Israel.

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Iran is the most manipulative geopolitical strategic player in the world, and Obama is helping them grow stronger.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned Obama saying,

“Iran is not your ally. Iran is not your friend. Iran is your enemy. It’s not your partner. Iran is committed to the destruction of Israel.”

Why isn’t Obama listening?

Breaking  OBAMA to Subsidize Iranian Nuke Program, Sacrifice Israel, In Exchange for Less Jihad   The Gateway Pundit


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