BREAKING: ISIS Burns 80 Year Old Christian Woman ALIVE!


ISIS continues to shock the world with horrific acts against Christians who refuse to obey Sharia law. This time, the victim is an 80 year old Christian woman twelve miles south of the town of Mosul. Sa’ed Mamuzini, representative of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) office in Mosul, said the vicious act happened on Tuesday. Mamuzini said that villagers told him that the woman was killed for failing to comply with the strict laws of the self-proclaimed Islamic State.

Just days before, news surfaced of a 20 year old woman being burned alive for not preforming an extreme sex act. Zainab Bangura is the United Nation’s representative for sexual crimes in war. She has interviewed the victims of ISIS cruelty.

“They commit rape, sexual slavery, forced prostitution and other acts of extreme brutality,” Bangura asserted. “We heard one case of a 20-year-old girl who was burned alive because she refused to perform an extreme sex act. We learned of many other sadistic sexual acts. We struggled to understand the mentality of people who commit such crimes.”

Bangura described what happens to a community during an ISIS attack.

“After attacking a village, [the Islamic State] splits women from men and executes boys and men aged 14 and over,” she explained. “The women and mothers are separated; girls are stripped naked, tested for virginity and examined for breast size and prettiness. The youngest, and those considered the prettiest virgins fetch higher prices and are sent to Raqqa, the IS stronghold.”

In April, it was discovered that a group of ten ISIS militants raped and impregnated a nine year old girl. A doctor who examined the girl explained “the abuse she has suffered left her mentally and physically traumatized.” He said, ” the girl is so weak and frail that giving birth will most likely kill her. ”

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